Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I'm continuing my thankful post from last week (1st post on Facebook because the internet was down).  Thank you so much Angela Strand for including me in this.  It is so refreshing to take a look at everything God has blessed me with!

This week...

I am thankful for moments with my husband (Mark).  During the last month his job has been crazy busy and I haven't gotten to see him very much because of our conflicting schedules :(.  We have become very deliberate with our time together and made the most of it!  We were able to sneak in a date night which was wonderful and topping it off my sister Ashley and her husband Jason were able to come with us!  We also were able to sneak in a little time together in an early morning work date on Tuesday, 30 minutes at 6 am was one of my favorite parts of this week.  :)  

Date night selfies wouldn't be complete without Sampson! 

I am thankful for time spent with these precious children this past week.  Snuggling them and just getting to see them just makes my day.  Oh and to hear them pray...that will melt a heart.  I was able to hear bedtime prayers and meal prayers from Ry &  So beautiful!  Hearing Ry say prayers reminded me of just how much she's grown, she talks to God and prays for people in her life by name.  Sweet Addie, hearing her pray is something special too.  She is 2 and can barely even form sentences so her prayers are precious.  

Ry (who I would like to add always checks on me when I'm watching her baby sister and brother, she say's "Are you sure your OK with them doe doe?")




I am thankful for my close friends.  I was able to have dinner with one of my closest friends this week.  So refreshing to have the time to just sit and catch up chatting with a good friend. Even better to grab a treat from TCBY and sit in the car chatting with the heat on.  :)  Good times.  

What are you thankful for today?  Be on the lookout for the big and the small moments to be thankful for this week!